[zeromq-dev] Governance of language bindings

Martin Sustrik sustrik at 250bpm.com
Wed Jan 27 09:49:54 CET 2010


> Well, I guess a short wiki page per binding with links to where things can 
> be retrieved from and some additional information is just fine. Your list
> captures all relevant points I think. As a template some section headings
> should be sufficient, like for instance:

Ok. I've used your text and created a wiki page:


Note that it's linked from the left pane ("languages" section).

> Of course the actual wiki page would use proper formatting. Any good?

I think it's OK. Maybe it should be noted whether there's a dedicated 
mailing list for the binding or whether zeromq-dev should be used.

Please create an account on the wiki (top right) and let me know your 
username. I'll grant you access, so that you can modify the wiki page if 
anything changes.


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