[zeromq-dev] SASL support?

Martin Sustrik sustrik at 250bpm.com
Mon Jan 25 14:15:35 CET 2010

Peter Busser wrote:
> Daniel,
> 2010/1/24 Daniel Cegiełka <daniel.cegielka at gmail.com>:
>> Hi,
>> Security is really important aspect in this kind solutions.
> I agree, it is very important. It is one thing to be able to move bits
> from A to B at high speed and low latency. But I guess that most
> people will want to be able to verify that those bits come from a
> given source. And that they haven't been tampered with or copied by
> others.
> I'm not sure whether user management etc., are within the scope of
> ZMQ, since such things are very much application specific.

I am in no way a security expert, that's why I would prefer others to 
discuss the issue :)

Anyway, my feeling is that there are solutions that do security on the 
networking level (IPsec). Using such solutions would allow us to do with 
no or very thin security support in 0MQ itself AFAIU.

Daniel, it seems that you are facing a concrete problem. May you be more 
specific about it? How are you dealing with it now? Can you envision a 
way 0MQ can help with it?


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