[zeromq-dev] Debian package / small manpage issue

Adrian von Bidder avbidder at fortytwo.ch
Fri Jan 22 09:08:32 CET 2010

Hi Peter,

On Thursday 21 January 2010 21.54:40 Peter Busser wrote:

> > As stated above, I started working off the tarball and haven't looked
> > at what you are doing.  I think I'll continue in this mode for now,
> > incorporating Peter's work where I was missing stuff, until I get to a
> > state where I can upload a first package.  Since openpgm isn't in
> > Debian yet, eitther, this will probably take some time.
> Adrian,
> I don't understand what good it will do to waste time and energy by
> reinventing the wheel instead of improving what is already there.

Ok, I have now looked at your packaging stuff - I thought you had only C/C++ 
and CL done.  (I worked offline most of the time, so I couldn't immediately 
look at your work and instead of waiting I worked on my version of the 

For future work: are you planning to become Debian maintainer of zeromq 
packages, do you want to share the work with me, or was your work a one-off 
to get initial packages?  I don't want to hijack your efforts and tread on 
anybody's toes.

> The current packages/debian builds the following packages:
> zeromq-examples_1.9-1m_amd64.deb

Is this package useful in any way?  I think it'd be better to ship the 
example (in source only) in the -dev package in /usr/share/doc/example.

> zeromq-perf_1.9-1m_amd64.deb
> zeromq-utils_1.9-1m_amd64.deb

If perf is only very small, I think it could be merged with -utils.  I think 
having too many packages for only a few files is not actually useful (people 
who really need to save the space, like for example embedded folks, usually 
use stripped down versions of everything anyway.)

> And openpgm is included in the ZeroMQ source tarball, it is located
> in: ./foreign/openpgm/libpgm-2.0.20rc5.tar.bz2

I saw that, but including stuff like that is terrible for [long term] 
security support.  As long as nobody else uses openpgm it's no problem, but 
as soon as there are other users, bugs in openpgm will have to be fixed 
separately everywhere.

(For illustration: xpdf used to be included in many other packages because 
there was no library before poppler was created.  If the security team had 
to fix a bug in xpdf, it had to hunt down all these embedded xpdf copies -- 
often at different versions, too -- and patch them and release them 

OTOH: I had a very quick look at the openpgm tarball, and didn't like it 
very much.  There are no installation instructions, and there seem to be 2 
build systems (scons and cmake - or do they interact?).  Also, openpgm seems 
to be statically linked in zeromq in any case.  So, for now, I guess I'll 
just leave that and use what's included with zeromq.

-- vbi

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