[zeromq-dev] Debian package / small manpage issue

Peter Busser busserpeter at gmail.com
Thu Jan 21 21:54:40 CET 2010



What you say makes perfect sense. I think it is sensible of the Debian
people to work more closely with upstream people.


I suggest to do the following:

mv packages/debian .
rmdir packages

And then commit this change.

> Martin Sustrik <sustrik at 250bpm.com>:
>> Hm. Adrian, Peter, feel free to discuss this. If required we can add a
>> root directory to the git repo. It'll contain current root and packaging
>> scripts.
> As stated above, I started working off the tarball and haven't looked at
> what you are doing.  I think I'll continue in this mode for now,
> incorporating Peter's work where I was missing stuff, until I get to a state
> where I can upload a first package.  Since openpgm isn't in Debian yet,
> eitther, this will probably take some time.


I don't understand what good it will do to waste time and energy by
reinventing the wheel instead of improving what is already there.

The current packages/debian builds the following packages:


So it is does not only build Lisp packages, it also builds the C/C++
stuff (which is also used by the Lisp FFI). If you look at the Python
and Ruby packages, you'll see that they only contain a man page. So
that needs to be fixed. And Java support should be added. Other than
that, I don't see how you can improve much on that.

The lintian messages are easily fixed.

And openpgm is included in the ZeroMQ source tarball, it is located
in: ./foreign/openpgm/libpgm-2.0.20rc5.tar.bz2

> The second step is to [finally] learn git and work on merging my packaging
> stuff back if you'll have it.


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