[zeromq-dev] some notes on using zmq_poll() with ZMQ_SUB socket

Martin Sustrik sustrik at 250bpm.com
Tue Jan 12 14:45:43 CET 2010


>> I tried to use zmq_poll() on two ZMQ_SUB socket and get strange
>> behaviour. After looking at source code, i understood that i must use
>> non blocking recv() on socket after zmq_poll(). This is because
>> zmq_poll() will return if in ZMQ_SUB socket is message available, but
>> it is not matching to subscribed topics. When after zmq_poll() you use
>> blocking recv() it will filter this non matching message and will wait
>> for another message from only this socket. When you use non blocking
>> recv() you will get EINPROGRESS and you can do zmq_poll() next time.
>> I am right? If so, may be some words can be added to zmq_poll() man
>> page about this usecase?
> Yes. You are right. There's even a ticket to fix this behaviour 
> (ZMQII-34), so once the problem is fixed zmq_poll won't return POLLIN if 
> there's a non-matching message.
> What it requires is that on sub_t::xhas_in, messages are read and 
> checked whether they pass the filter. If the message matches, it should 
> be stored for later retrieval by recv() function. If there are no more 
> messages, false should be returned instead.

I've patched this and tested it slightly. Can you try the patch 
(attached) and let me know whether it works as you would expect?

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