[zeromq-dev] Chat example not working

Marcel Roelofs marcel.roelofs at gmail.com
Mon Jan 11 00:42:02 CET 2010


Unfortunately my first experience with zmq 2.0 wasn't very smooth: the chat
example didn't work out of the box. It seems like you recently changed the
semantics of the ZMQ_SUBSCRIBE option (looking at the documentation on the
website and implementation), but didn't adapt its uses in
examples/chat/display.cpp and devices/zmq_forwarder/zmq_forwarder.cpp. After
changing the filter from "*" to "",  the chat example got functional again.

BTW. did you have a particular reason to let zmq_forwarder, zmq_queue and
zmq_streamer be separate executables? Looking at their similarity, doesn't
it make more sense to have a single executable that switches on the root
element of the configuration xml file to select forwarding, queueing or
streaming behavior?

Marcel Roelofs
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