[zeromq-dev] IPC latency

Martin Sustrik sustrik at 250bpm.com
Thu Jan 7 18:00:28 CET 2010

Erik Rigtorp wrote:
> Hi!
> Following the IPC discussion i just wanted to post some code for IPC
> latency measurement that I wrote. It is kind of crude.
> http://github.com/rigtorp/ipc-bench

Wow. Useful!

> From what I've seen, on Solaris and my hardware all the ones involving
> file descriptors takes roughly 10µs. The busy waiting shared memory
> version takes ~0.5µs. On Linux I get similar values except for TCP
> sockets which has about 5 times the latency of the other benchmarks
> involving file descriptors. Please try on your systems and see what
> you get.

Ok. Standard x86-64 desktop, 2.6.31 Linux:

tcp: max:182.565us min:22.613us
spair: max:41.658us min:6.718us
shm: max:1968.037us min:0.090us
queues: max:4039884.997us min:4.026us
pshm: max:8472.107us min:6.221us
pqueues: max:7969.572us min:3.709us
pipes: max:38.004us min:4.432us
pipes-busy: max:15.967us min:1.103us

I am not reporting averages as there's obviously some problem with it. 
The figures are constantly dropping as the test runs rather than 
stabilising at some value.

My guess is that you are never reseting min, max and avg values during 
the test. I would suggest to reset the values once in a while to get 
unbiased results.

Aside of that, it seems that you are considering time to print the 
results to be part of latency.


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