[zeromq-dev] Problem in example "A simple client/server application"

Martin Lucina mato at kotelna.sk
Sat Feb 27 18:51:39 CET 2010


fred at mobach.nl said:
> That R[eset] seems strange, so I checked with netstat -anp which 
> revealed
> tcp  0  0*   LISTEN  3180/server
> Well, that's not going to work. So I changed a line in server.c :
>     /* Bind to the TCP transport and port 5555 on the 'lo' interface */
>     rc = zmq_bind (s, "tcp://");
> And that's it. Then it runs as intended. But no clue why.

That's strange, looks like zmq_bind() resolved 'lo' to for some
reason. What does 'ifconfig lo' / 'ip addr' say on your system?

> Just one question remains : were can I grab in the server environment 
> the IP address and portnumber of the sending client ?

No way to do that at the moment, other than doing it at the app level (make
up a client ID / use the IP address and stick it in the message).


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