[zeromq-dev] Python bindings with poll.

Brian Granger ellisonbg at gmail.com
Thu Feb 25 17:33:17 CET 2010


Thanks for clarifying some of these things...comments and questions inline...

> pyzmq is your project, so choosing a particular license is your call.
> Underlying libzmq is LGPL'd so there's no restriction on the license type
> you can use. You can even make it commercial (which is not a good idea IMO).
> If you choose BSD or MIT, you have to ask contributors to submit patches
> under these licenses.

I like LGPL for a project like this, but have never used LGPL.  The
static linking is not an issue for us
because all Python modules are always dynamically linked...unless
someone goes to a huge amount
of effort ... but having the static linking exception would be nice
just to be safe.

> If you choose LGPL, the patches are implicitly LGPL'd - that follows from
> the fact that LGPL requires all the derivative work to be republished under
> LGPL. Thus, you don't even need to ask contributors to submit the patch
> under specific license.

OK, that is what I thought.

> An option is to make pyzmq LGPL and ask contributors for submitting under
> more permissive license. It gives you an option to create more of less
> permissive forks of the codebase, grant additional privileges (see 0MQ's
> "static linking exception" introduced last week) etc. However, for a small
> project like pyzmq it's probably not strictly needed and - to be honest -
> asking contributors for explicit licensing is pain in the ass.

This is the case that confuses me.  If LGPL requires contributions to
be LGPL, how can I accept
BSD/MIT licensed contributions.  The only way that I see this working
is if I relicense the BSD/MIT
code.  But that is not my decision - only the copyright holder can
relicense code.  Do you relicense
the MIT licensed contributions to 0MQ?  How do you handle this.



> Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer.
> Martin

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