[zeromq-dev] Initial support for zmq_poll() under Java

Brian Granger ellisonbg at gmail.com
Thu Feb 25 17:25:04 CET 2010

> Are we still aiming for some sort of consistency between the different OO
> scripting language bindings or not? If we are, then we should probably
> coordinate things between Python, Ruby and Java so that they don't diverge
> where practical.

Great question.  As I have developed the new Python bindings I have
thought about this.
Some areas that came up:

* For an OO language, it is awkward to instantiate a Socket by hand
when you have to pass the Context:

s = Socket(ctx, zmq.REP)

A better approach would be to let the context create the Socket:


That way, you are sure to get the ctx argument correct.  This is
implemented in the
Python binding.

* It is tempting to make the different socket types subclasses:


Rather than using the zmq.REP|REQ... flags.  I did not implement this
as it seemed to
go too afar from the C/C++ bindings.

* I need the ability to bind a Socket to a random port number (0).
Because ZMQ doesn't support
this, I implemented a bind_to_random_port method that tries random
ports in a range until
it finds one and then returns that port number.


* My interface to poll in modeled on Python's built-in select.poll module:

It has a Poller class which you create and then call register to add

p = Poller()

* I have added additional methods to the Socket object to serialize
Python objects and send messages in various formats:  send_json,
recv_json (json) and send_pyobj, recv_pyobj (pickle).

Overall, the core API of the Python bindings follows the C/C++ very
closely though.

I am willing to change some of the core API of the Python bindings if
needed but I do think it is important
for each language to create an API that follows the spirit of the language.



> (Obviously if a language binding does something in a way specific to
> language X then so be it.  But the overall model should be the same
> otherwise they're no longer bindings to the 0MQ API but separate APIs which
> will hurt adoption.)
> -mato
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