[zeromq-dev] Initial support for zmq_poll() under Java

Martin Lucina mato at kotelna.sk
Thu Feb 25 17:02:56 CET 2010

sustrik at 250bpm.com said:
> >   Usage:
> > 
> >   import org.zmq.ZMQ;
> >   ...
> >   ZMQ.Socket s = new ZMQ.Socket (ctx, ZMQ.REP);
> This looks much better!
> > This is an API change, though. If you want to go this route, I can
> > prepare a patch after the poll support has been committed.
> I would go for it. The current API is plain ugly and it has to be 
> changed sooner or later. (Btw, the same change was done to Ruby few 
> weeks back. Same with Python.)

Are we still aiming for some sort of consistency between the different OO
scripting language bindings or not? If we are, then we should probably
coordinate things between Python, Ruby and Java so that they don't diverge
where practical.

(Obviously if a language binding does something in a way specific to
language X then so be it.  But the overall model should be the same
otherwise they're no longer bindings to the 0MQ API but separate APIs which
will hurt adoption.)


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