[zeromq-dev] Initial support for zmq_poll() under Java

gonzalo diethelm gdiethelm at dcv.cl
Thu Feb 25 13:51:32 CET 2010

Find attached the patch, MIT-licensed, for adding poll support under
Java. This patch does NOT include my logging functions; I hand-edited
it, so if you have any problems applying the patch, let me know.

> > Issue #1: it is difficult to pass a single array of structures
> > accessing such array from JNI is complex. I think it CAN be done,
but I
> > decided to work on a simpler way first and later improve things,
> > other eyes have had the chance to look at the code.
> > Issue #2: I would have liked to use an interface such as Set instead
> > arrays, but accessing those from JNI seems to be even more complex
> > even impossible.
> Right. Let's mark the poll function as experimental so that people are
> aware that the prototype may change in the future.


> > Issue #3: adding Java / plain sockets to this method is not easy,
> > not be portable and may even be impossible. For one thing, if you
have a
> > java.net.Socket object, there is no portable way to access the
> > underlying socket descriptor.
> Integrating native sockets is not a priority IMHO. First let's get
> polling on 0MQ sockets functional, then care about native sockets.


> However, AFAIU, what we'll need to do then is to make an decision
> (arbitrary one) on how to access underlying fds as there's no
> stadardised way to do this.
> For example we can say: Any object that wants to be 0MQ-pollable has
> have 'fd' property exposing underlying file descriptor.
> Afterwards, people are free to submit patches to their favourite Java
> implementations/socket types etc.

Even this may not work. Objects of type java.net.Socket have three
layers of private members (SocketImpl, FileDescriptor, FD) hiding the
socket handle; you can hack your way through this in JNI only, because
JNI does not follow the private access restrictions. Other sockets may
be different.

> 1. You've added documentation to individual functions. These can be
> processed by javadoc, right? In case you choose to offload the binding
> from 0MQ project, generating the docs and placing them somewhere (we
> upload it for you if needed) would make sense.

If you mean the documentation in the Java classes, then yes; as far as I
know, javadoc can process those without any problems.

> 2. I still feel that Java API needs some beautification - especially
> when it comes to namespacing. Compare Java and Ruby examples:
>    org.zmq.Socket s = new org.zmq.Socket (ctx, org.zmq.Socket.REP);
>    s = ZMQ::Socket.new(ctx, ZMQ::REP);
> Thoughts?

Two thoughts:

1. You usually import the specific classes you use. So your example can
today be written as:

  import org.zmq.Socket;
  Socket s = new Socket (ctx, Socket.REP);

2. We could also have one big public class called ZMQ, with nested
public classes:


  package org.zmq;

  public class ZMQ {
    public class Context {...}
    public class Socket {...}


  import org.zmq.ZMQ;
  ZMQ.Socket s = new ZMQ.Socket (ctx, ZMQ.REP);

This is an API change, though. If you want to go this route, I can
prepare a patch after the poll support has been committed.

Gonzalo Diethelm

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