[zeromq-dev] Initial support for zmq_poll() under Java

Martin Sustrik sustrik at 250bpm.com
Thu Feb 25 13:33:11 CET 2010

Ho Gonzalo,

> What would that entail? Some questions spring to mind:
> 1. Where could I host the project? How would I provide for mailing
> lists, web access to the code (on-line and download), etc.?

You can create a repo on github. If you want be to create one, I can 
host it instead. I would also suggest using existing zeromq-dev mailing 
list rather than creating a new one.

> 2. What would be the appropriate license for such a project?

If you use the existing point as a starting point, it entails LGPL license.

> 3. Would any current 0MQ developer / user lend a hand, at least at the
> beginning?

Sure, I can help, but I am not a Java developer, so not sure my help 
would be that useful.

In overall, separating the binding from 0MQ core has several goals:

1. Make the core easier to maintain, build, package etc.

2. Make the binding easier to maintain, build, package etc.

2. Decouple core and binding release cycle. (Given stable API bindings 
can be released independently of the core and vice versa.)

3. Create a community of developers skilled in particular language and 
let them make decisions about the binding themselves.

Does that make sense?


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