[zeromq-dev] Python bindings with poll.

Brian Granger ellisonbg at gmail.com
Thu Feb 25 00:19:31 CET 2010


> Also I fixed a little error on setup.py. The module file was not being
> copied on install.

Great, thanks for catching that.  I hadn't installed yet - just
running in place.

> I can only test in one machine right now. Preliminary test are show
> this results:
> tcp://localhost:5555
> cpp::lat
> message size: 1000 [B]
> roundtrip count: 100000
> mean latency: 24.938 [us]
> python::lat
> message size: 1000 [B]
> roundtrip count: 100000
> mean latency: 22.500 [us]
> python::lat
> using poll
> message size: 1000 [B]
> roundtrip count: 100000
> mean latency: 15.650 [us]

Wow, I am suprised at the speed of Python - especially the polling
interface.  I will run this when I get a chance.

> I am not sure why the python version is running faster than the cpp one however.

>> In the past I have used BSD for my open source projects - I am using
>> LGPL to match the license
>> of zeromq itself.  I realize that the MIT license is even more
>> allowing than the LGPL, so I am not worried
>> about including your contribution.  But  it is a little awkward to
>> have a *patch* released under a separate license.  I am not sure how
>> we handle that in terms of licensing.  Also, don't contributions to an
>> LGPL project have to be LGPL?  Obviously you can *use* pyzmq in a
>> non-LGPL project, but if you contribute to pyzmq itself, doesn't if
>> have to be LGPL?  How does zeromq handle this?
> Oh I see. I didn't know pyzmq was using a different license. How about
> this: my contributions to pyzmq are done under LGPL. My contributions
> to zmq (if any) are under the MIT license. Does that fix it? I guess I
> got confused since I read somewhere that you have to acknowledge that
> your code can be used freely when releasing it on the mailing list.

Let me ask Martin how they handle this with zmq itself and get back to you.



> Best,
> --
> Carlos

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