[zeromq-dev] Initial support for zmq_poll() under Java

gonzalo diethelm gdiethelm at dcv.cl
Wed Feb 24 22:59:05 CET 2010

I have completed initial support for zmq_poll() in the Java binding. For
now it only supports ZMQ sockets. I will send a reply to this e-mail
explaining the interface and implementation issues.

It is in general very difficult to debug these kinds of bindings; Java
code calls C / C++ code, and the only sure way of knowing what's going
on in that code is through logging. Debuggers don't work well here
because of the mixed environment.

I have added a LOG() macro to the Java binding. It is called this way
from the C / C++ code (notice the double parenthesis):

  LOG(("Will poll socket 0x%p", socket));

If the preprocessor macro ZMQ_JAVA_DEBUG is undefined or it is 0, this
ends up being expanded to nothing and has zero cost at run time; if that
macro is greater than zero, it ends up calling

  zmq_java_log("Will poll socket 0x%p", socket);

This function appends that message to a file called "/tmp/zmq_java.log".

This functionality is implemented in a couple of files util.h and
util.cpp, under bindings/java/, and called from Context.cpp and

Question: would you accept a patch to create these two files and add
lots of LOG() calls to Context.cpp / Socket.cpp, which by default will
do nothing but which could be helpful in debugging this binding?

Gonzalo Diethelm 

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