[zeromq-dev] Python bindings with poll.

Martin Sustrik sustrik at 250bpm.com
Wed Feb 24 20:35:45 CET 2010

Hi Carlos,

> Hi Brian. You are completely right, Cython is the way to go. I ended
> up doing the C implementation, because at the time, it was just faster
> for me to do so than to learn something new. As a result I found a bug
> in zmq that Martin quickly fixed.
> Now that my problem is solved, I have the time to learn Cython, start
> using your bindings and hopefully contribute. I forked your repository
> for the time being: http://github.com/rocha/pyzmq

Thanks for the contribution! Unluckily, it came just when in-tree python 
binding is being ditched and replaced by Brian's pyzmq project.

My suggestion would be that you two join forces as the python binging 
itself probably doesn't have enough added value to make two different 
implementations worth of it.


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