[zeromq-dev] zmq on n900

Martin Lucina mato at kotelna.sk
Mon Feb 22 18:35:47 CET 2010

dhammika at gmail.com said:
> (check attachment)
> n900 is a Nokia linux phone/tablet based on ARMv7 core.
> If there's interest in ARM platform I can do a proper port.

Please note that the performance figures shown in the screenshot are NOT
indicative of real performance on an ARM platform.

Maemo (and thus the N900) uses agressive power saving across the board, so
I'd expect this to be affecting the results. See my email about NetBSD
support for some more realistic figures. NetBSD does not do any real
powermanagement on the Jornada.

As for doing a port, in my opinion there's no real need for a port to Maemo
as such. 0MQ is an infrastructure product, not an application, so there's
not much to be gained for it having a place on Maemo downloads. Those users
who wish to use it for development on Maemo can simply grab the Debian
package as 0MQ is available in Debian.


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