[zeromq-dev] Java binding

gonzalo diethelm gdiethelm at dcv.cl
Mon Feb 22 14:17:35 CET 2010

I have modified the Java binding to make it "cleaner" (which is
subjective, admittedly). I attacked mainly the following point:

> >    2. Why is function createSocket() defined in Context.cpp if it is
> >       only called (in a convoluted, dynamic manner) from Socket.cpp?
> >       Wouldn't it make more sense to move it to Socket.cpp?
> It's done that way because zmq_socket needs context pointer which in
> available in the Socket object. But maybe it can be made neater? Maybe
> it can be called in dynamic manner? Maybe Socket can get the context
> pointer from the Context object in more sane way? Once again - feel
> to contribute.

What I did is add Context::getContextHandle() and
Socket::getSocketHandle(), which to me is more orthogonal and future
proof. I also cleaned up the code a little bit and added all kinds of
comments. I am attaching the files to this message.

> >    1. Function zmq_poll() does not seem to be currently supported
> >       Java. Is there a fundamental reason that makes it impossible
> >       support it? If not, is anybody working of adding support for
it on
> >       Java?
> No fundamental problem. zmq_poll is quite new and it haven't been
> wrapped in all the bindings yet. Feel free to contribute!

I would like some opinions on how to tackle this. I have never used
non-blocking sockets in Java, so I am not familiar with the mechanisms
there. It seems they are used through Selectors, right? If that is the
case, can anybody comment on the following points?

1. How to map Selectors to socket descriptors.
2. What interface to offer through OMQ's Java binding for zmq_poll(),
that would make sense in the Java world.


Gonzalo Diethelm

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