[zeromq-dev] using autogen.sh

Martin Lucina mato at kotelna.sk
Fri Feb 19 23:57:20 CET 2010

gdiethelm at dcv.cl said:
> > I've never used the autotools (automake, autoconf, auto...), so I am
> > at a loss.  I run the autogen.sh which should gen the configure script
> > (right) and then I can work the parameters to that for the building.
> > yet when I do this I get the following:
> [missing libtool]
> You will need at least pkg-config, autoconf (which you have), automake and libtool. Good luck.

Or you can build from the 2.0beta2 release tarball in which case you don't
need to deal with autogen.sh at all since the tarball ships a configure


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