[zeromq-dev] Cross Compiling and running a Client for the PowerPC

Martin Lucina mato at kotelna.sk
Fri Feb 19 23:56:08 CET 2010

thelonesquirrely at gmail.com said:
> In trying to configure and compile the zmq library I ran into a small
> snag.  The configuration goes well with this line:
> $ ./configure --with-cpp --prefix=<path>/zeromq2/install_powerpc
> --disable-shared --with-chat CC=powerpc-linux-uclibc-gcc
> CXX=powerpc-linux-uclibc-g++ --host=powerpc-linux

You are trying to crosscompile to a uClibc host.

I doubt anyone has tried this, and I'm not even sure if uClibc provides all
the runtime 0MQ requires (pthreads, stdc++).

So you're on your own, unless there's someone on the list who has
experience with uClibc.


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