[zeromq-dev] Threading questions

gonzalo diethelm gdiethelm at dcv.cl
Thu Feb 18 21:00:24 CET 2010

The documentation for zmq_init() says this about the two initial


1. app_threads specifies maximal number of application threads that
can own open sockets at the same time. At least one application thread
should be defined.
2. io_threads specifies the size of thread pool to handle I/O
operations. The value shouldn't be negative. Zero can be used in case
only in-process messaging is going to be used, i.e. there will be no I/O


Can anybody provide more information about what exactly one is
controlling with app_threads? What happens if I specify 2 but use a
socket on only one of them?


Say I want to have threading operations on three separate threads. Do I
have to call zmq_init() just once, with app_threads = 3, before I spawn
the threads? Or do I have to call zmq_init() once on each thread, each
time with app_threads = 3?


Can I have more than one thread calling zmq_recv() on different sockets
at the same time?


I want to have a program that receives a constant stream of business
messages and, every once in a while, a couple of "administrative"
messages (enquiring state, asking it to pause or shut down, etc.). I
think I have at least two ways of doing this:


1. One socket, one thread receiving messages, it decides what kind
of message it is (business or administrative) and processes it.
2. Two sockets, two threads. On one thread I only receive business
messages on the business socket; on the other thread I only receive
administrative messages on the administrative socket.


Is there any advantage you can see on one method over the other? Model 2
seems to provide a better abstraction.


Are all of the threading rules the same when using 0mq on C / C++ and
when using it on Java?




Gonzalo Diethelm 


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