[zeromq-dev] Publish / Subscribe vs Multicast

Martin Sustrik sustrik at 250bpm.com
Tue Feb 16 15:08:26 CET 2010

Hola Gonzalo,

> [Sorry for a previous, empty message, to the list.]


> I know I am being thick here... I wrote two really small examples (34
> lines each), called sender and receiver. If I run them like this:
>   ./sender   tcp:// 20
>   ./receiver tcp:// 20
> Then sender sends 20 messages to that endpoint, and receiver gets the
> same 20 messages. It works ok.
> Now, from what I have understood, I should be able to run things like
> this:
>   ./sender   tcp:// 40
>   ./receiver tcp:// 20
>   ./receiver tcp:// 20
> And see that each receiver gets at least some of the messages. What I am
> seeing is that the first receiver that I run (i.e. the first that does a
> bind() on that endpoint) gets 20 messages, and quits. The second
> receiver never gets any messages at all.
> I am attaching source code for both programs, in the hopes that someone
> will tell me what I am doing wrong.

Ok. I see. You are doing it other way round. The rule of the thumb is: 
The endpoint that should handle multiple connections (server) should 
bind, while the one that handles only a single connection (client) connects.

So, in your case, sender should bind and receiver should connect.


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