[zeromq-dev] Development topics

Martin Lucina mato at kotelna.sk
Mon Feb 15 21:37:31 CET 2010

malosek at fastmq.com said:
> As for the way of detection, I just did not want to make condition if x86 
> then we have rdtsc - one newer know:)

Given that OpenPGM is officially not supported by the vendor on anything
other than x86 or AMD64, I think there's no point in checking specifically
for RDTSC.

Therefore, I'd like to add the following to configure.in if the user has
specified --with-pgm:

    case "${host_cpu}" in
        ;; # (Supported, OK)
            AC_MSG_ERROR([The PGM extension is not supported on the ${host_cpu} platform.])

Distribution packagers would then make sure that --with-pgm is not used on
non-X86 platforms.

Would this solve our problem?


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