[zeromq-dev] Development topics

Adrian von Bidder avbidder at fortytwo.ch
Thu Feb 11 13:53:16 CET 2010


On Wednesday 10 February 2010 21.49:03 Martin Sustrik wrote:
> 1. Creating packages for different OSes/distros. Specifically, Windows
> binary package would be of much help.

No, I haven't disappeared entirely :-)

Will there be another tarball release soon-ish?  I thought I'd wait for that 
before the next upload to Debian.  I could obviously upload based on a 
snapshot, but as I've said I'd rather stick to official releasees.  (You 
announced the availability of Haskell bindings in the News section on the 
web.  Do I have to pay something for you to mention the availability of 
Debian packages? :-)

> 5. Improving the build system. Right now there are different hacks and
> inconsistencies there.

Those with autoconf/automake magic fingers might want to look at which 
library is linked when.  When I built ruby and python bindings 
simultaneously, the python bindings ended up linked to the ruby runtime 
library but not to he python runtime library.  (The python bindings still 
work since they're loaded by the python interpreter, so the python functions 
are accessible.  But loading libruby is certainly not needed...)

> And finally, contributing different HOWTOs to the website would
> definitely make life easier for lot of people.

As a Linux distribution user: I always liked it when software comes with 
documentation and not only refers to the web.  Not only because the doc is 
accessible, but also because the doc then actually corresponds to the 
version I'm working with.  (sphinx - I like it :-)

Important point for Debian (and possibly ohers): releasing the documentation 
under the same license as the software simplifies a lot.

(Yes, of course, web based documentation can contain corrections, can have a 
comments section etc. - but bundling a base version and having an updated 
and interactive copy on the web is not unheard of; the best example I know 
is how the PostgreSQL folks manage this.)

-- vbi

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