[zeromq-dev] Development topics

Martin Sustrik sustrik at 250bpm.com
Wed Feb 10 21:49:03 CET 2010


There have been a question on IRC about what kind of help is needed with 
the project. I'm putting this list down off the top of my head and in no 
particular order:

1. Creating packages for different OSes/distros. Specifically, Windows 
binary package would be of much help.
2. Creating bindings for different languages.
3. Testing/fixing 0MQ on exotic OSes.
4. Testing/fixing 0MQ on exotic microarchitectures.
5. Improving the build system. Right now there are different hacks and 
inconsistencies there.
6. zmq_poll functionality is still not available in many language 
bindings. Delivering it to the user would be very helpful.

While the above can be done with little extra effort, following items 
require good understanding of 0MQ codebase:

7. Implement atomic operations on different microarchitectures. Requires 
a developer with good understanding of the microarchitecture in question.

8. Add explicit memory barriers to 0MQ codebase. Requires a developer 
with understanding of lock-free algorithms and how they are implemented 
on different microarchitectures.

9. zmq_poll functionality is quite new and would benefit from thorough 
testing and bugfixing.

10. Multi-hop request/reply is a much needed feature required for easy 
implementation of multi-threaded servers. Some of the functionality 
required is already in-place, lot is still to be done.

10. Design work on large-scale deployment of 0MQ is still to be done. 
This means integration with internet infrastructure such as DNS etc.

11. Last value cache for pub/sub messaging would be a valuable 
contribution. It requires design work as well as coding.

12. Improving latency of IPC transport. Right now, IPC is done via UNIX 
domain sockets with latency ~15us on Linux. This should be shaved down 
to couple of microseconds.

And finally, contributing different HOWTOs to the website would 
definitely make life easier for lot of people.


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