[zeromq-dev] Documentation converted to AsciiDoc

Martin Lucina mato at kotelna.sk
Wed Feb 10 16:30:53 CET 2010


in commit r354efc5 I have converted all the existing manual pages to

This allows us to generate nicer documentation in more formats, so e.g. we
can distribute HTML documentation for Windows users. This will be included
in the next release.

It also gives us a much nicer syntax for the documentation source.

I've tried to do this in a way that doesn't force people to install the
entire AsciiDoc toolchain if they just want to build 0MQ. So:

1) Future release tarballs will include prebuilt manual pages and HTML from
the AsciiDoc source. This is done during "make dist" from git. Therefore,
you do *not* need AsciiDoc to build 0MQ from a release tarball.

If, however, you modify any of the AsciiDoc source files then "make" will
probably try to rebuild things, which will break unless you do have

2) If you are building from git, configure will check for the presence of
asciidoc and xmlto on your system and if these are not found, manual pages
or HTML will *NOT* be built.

Maintainer notes:

- "make clean" or "make distclean" do not remove built .html or man files.
- "make maintainer-clean" does, should you want to do that.
- "make dist" will include HTML and manpages in the released tarball

If this breaks anything for distribution packagers, please speak up now!



[1] http://www.methods.co.nz/asciidoc/.
    To install on Debian "apt-get install asciidoc xmlto" should be

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