[zeromq-dev] yet another problem with ZMQ_P2P

Martin Sustrik sustrik at 250bpm.com
Sun Feb 7 11:36:34 CET 2010

Hi Pavel,

> msg 39
> Segmentation Fault

Fixed in 0MQ/2.0 trunk.

> error like "nbytes != -1 (tcp_socket.cpp:197)" i see frequent in zmq1.

Fixed in 0MQ/2.0 trunk.

> This is because my apps are connected trough relative slow, unstable
> network. As i understand, this error occurs when connection is dropped
> while sending/receiving messages. Could you fix this behaviour please
> in zmq1/zmq2?
> second application crashes too:
> msg 0
> .....
> msg 45
> msg 46
> Segmentation fault

Fixed in 0MQ/2.0 trunk.

> test2.c illustrates sending messages from first application and
> receiving in second. First application crashes as in test2, second
> application crashes with different error:
> msg 0
> Cannot allocate memory
> rc == 0 (zmq_decoder.cpp:100)

I wasn't able to reproduce this one. Please, test with the current trunk 
and let me know whether it still happens.


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