[zeromq-dev] FYI: 29 West IPC performance numbers

Martin Sustrik sustrik at 250bpm.com
Thu Feb 4 09:51:00 CET 2010

Steven McCoy wrote:
> Unqualified performance numbers are great,
> *29West Technology Updates*
> */
> /*
> *Sub-microsecond IPC*
> Our upcoming messaging releases will include newly optimized code for 
> our inter-process communication (IPC) transport.  This new version of 
> IPC is being tested in early access right now, and is running at about 
> 900 nanoseconds.  IPC remains a free component of all core 29West Ultra 
> Messaging products (LBM, UME, UMQ).

Nice. AFAIK, 0MQ IPC via UNIX domain sockets is somewhere at 17us at the 
moment. Still a lot space to improve!


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