[zeromq-dev] questions about sub/pub socket

Guo, Yanchao Yanchao.Guo at sac.com
Tue Feb 2 14:57:18 CET 2010

Anyway, I think for now, what we want is to have the same behavior between connect/pub and bind/pub type of sockets, and we want the non-caching type of connection. So just wondering if this (message caching for connect/pub socket) is to be fixed soon? This is quite important to us. 


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Guo, Yanchao wrote:
> Well, I think being able to cache the historical data is good thing as I 
> can see we will need this feature. However, I'd like to have this 
> configurable from my application.

You'll have to hack the library to get this behaviour. The systematic 
solution is to implement TTL AFAIU.

> This brings the onInit feature that I asked you earlier. In fact, we 
> want that because for some connections, we want to know what clients had 
> just established new connection so that we can send the "historical" 
> data to them.

Last value cache? If so, that's on our roadmap as well. We can do some 
joint development here possibly.


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