[zeromq-dev] (no subject)

Paul Colomiets tailhook at yandex.ua
Thu Dec 30 00:17:03 CET 2010


I'm wondering if there are any way to improve reliability
of PUB/SUB sockets, in the case where I need to restart
subscriber. I know, I can add identity to a socket, and then
restart. But this discards data already in network buffers.

Something I need is to notify publisher that I want to suspend,
so that it closes a connection, then I could read the data 
already sent, and restart.

For reliability of REQ sockets I use a timeouts. Likewise PUB/SUB
I could send somehow "pause" command to publisher, and
read the data until got "paused" message. But it means all
subscribers will suffer. Is there any better ideas?


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