[zeromq-dev] Q; running multiple REP listeners on an IPC socket, only the last one connected gets any messages

Martin Sustrik sustrik at 250bpm.com
Sat Dec 18 09:30:59 CET 2010


>>> 1) Using one zmq context, I bind four separate zmq sockets (in java) to
>>> the same ipc port; e.g. "ipc://tmp/test"
>> Hm, you should be able to bind at most one socket to a particular
>> endpoint. Are you sure all the four binds succeed?
> All four binds will succeed, as we unlink() before we call bind().
> This is a bug and comments here are misleading.


What about not unlinking the file at bind? Would the duplicit bind()s 
produce errors? And would the OS recognise when an applicaion fails and 
unlock the file so that different application can bind to the endpoint?


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