[zeromq-dev] zguide example implementation of msgqueue.py, mtserver.py and mtrelay.py

Martin Sustrik sustrik at 250bpm.com
Wed Dec 15 17:44:08 CET 2010


> Thanks for answering me.
> I have a github account so If you give me access to the zguide
> repository, I could create branch and put the examples there.
> Pieter will have a look at the examples in the branch and merge the
> "example" branch into the main one when he is back and if the
> translation is acceptable for him.

Just fork the original zguide project and apply the changes there. You 
need no special rights for that.

As I said, if Pieter is not back till the end of the year, we'll have to 
create an alternative process. Either I take the responsibility for 
uploading the patches or someone else may volunteer to do the work.


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