[zeromq-dev] libevent + ZMQ_FD fail!

kasicass kasicass at gmail.com
Mon Dec 6 10:10:07 CET 2010

hi Martin,

"fail" means libevent doesn't tell me that POLLIN is triggered in 
pull-socket when I write data to push-socket, which
is just causing by using zmq_bind() or zmq_connect() for pull-socket.

I think 'test.c' is the minimal test case. And I update it to show the 
'ok' and 'fail' version.

I test the 'test.c' in Debian and FreeBSD 8.1 with zmq 2.1.0, the same 
problem appears.

On 2010-12-6 16:48, Martin Sustrik wrote:
> Hi,
>> zmq 2.1.0, ZMQ_FD bug
>>      pull = zmq_bind(), push = zmq_connect(), libevent + pull, ok!
>>      push = zmq_bind(), pull = zmq_connect(), libevent + pull, fail!
> What does "fail" main?
>> example:
>> https://github.com/kasicass/kasicass/blob/master/zmq/test.c
> Can you provide a minimal test case?
> Martin

Kasicass, coder at work

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