[zeromq-dev] What is the best 0MQ socket configuration for an event server?

John McLaughlin - PTIR john.mclaughlin at promise.com
Tue Aug 31 19:57:56 CEST 2010

I have a need that does not seem to have a natural solution in 0MQ, but
maybe I am missing something.  


Here're the basics:


1.	There will be a Server process (with a "published" address)
2.	There will be Client processes that may come and go concurrently
from anywhere on the network
3.	Clients will "subscribe" to certain "events" (the events are
4.	A client's events will occur over a "long" period of time
(minutes or longer)
5.	Publishing all events to all clients and utilizing client-side
filtering is not suitable due the network burden
6.	I would like a solution than can handle heavy loads of event
traffic (1000+ messages/sec) if needed


One solution I can imagine is if 0MQ supports "dynamically assigned" PUB
sockets where the server can request a new PUB socket from 0MQ and let
the Port# be auto assigned and query-able.  With this, the subscription
reply can carry the new Port# which the client can then "listen to".


Any thoughts on this from you who are more versed in 0MQ designs?


John McLaughlin

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