[zeromq-dev] IOCP

Kelly Brock Kerby at inocode.com
Mon Aug 30 22:34:33 CEST 2010

Hi Gonzalo,

> > 	Yeah, this is basically intended to just see how far I can get
> > without making any significant changes first.  Then I'll want to go back
> > through with a fine tooth comb and figure out what went wrong/right and
> > what we can do to get better support.
> Naïve question: would this also be a step toward adding support for the
> ipc protocol under Windows?
> Disclaimer: I know nothing about IOCP...

	It would be possible to work ipc into the iocp but it will be
considerable work.  Ipc under Win32 is something you have to implement
yourself using shared memory (memory mapped files) and custom flow control
systems, unless they've added something recently.  Typically it is not
"that" horrible to do, just time consuming and we'll have to deal with it
separately.  As to integration with iocp, it would just be a case of when
there is data in the IOPC or free space, you just send a
PostCompletionStatus message and it will look basically like a socket

	Tcp/pipes have optimizations on local so they are fairly fast, not
"as" fast as a home grown ipc but not horrible either.  So, for the time
being I wouldn't worry about it too much unless you are doing something
really huge and sensitive to the latency.


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