[zeromq-dev] IOCP

Kelly Brock Kerby at inocode.com
Mon Aug 30 14:14:28 CEST 2010


> > 	This is a VERY evil initial get something up and working attempt so
> > please do not go looking at it for cleanliness/error checking etc at
> this
> > time. :)
> > 	Note: when I made the fork, there was an error in socket_base.cpp at
> > approx line 162, it was checking for "ipc" protocol but the comparison
> was
> > "!=" instead of "==", so bind always failed on Win32 if you "didn't" use
> an
> > ipc protocol.  "local_lat" was failing with valid parameters on Win32.
> Ok, I'll fix that.
> What about the fix you've done in select.hpp?

	That was me just being anal about removing all unused includes when
possible.  I hadn't actually intended to check it in but if you want it, all
yours.. :)

> > 	Currently I'm trying for as close as possible to the epoll version.
> > This is not a great way for iocp to work but I figure with something up
> and
> > functional we can work out how to push out better support later, though
> even
> > the bad way is likely better than using a select loop.
> Hopefully, you would be able to refine the work you do into actual
> requirements of what has to be changed in 0mq's poller infrastructure to
> make it work smoothly with IOCP.

	Yeah, this is basically intended to just see how far I can get
without making any significant changes first.  Then I'll want to go back
through with a fine tooth comb and figure out what went wrong/right and what
we can do to get better support.

> > 	I'm perfectly willing to use git or anything else, not picky as long
> > as it works.  Made the branch above and muddled through commiting the
> > relevant iocp starting point tests.  Hopefully I didn't screw anything
> up..
> > :)
> It looks OK.

	Yeah, I was pretty sure it worked since I picked it up on a
different machine and it looked the same.


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