[zeromq-dev] A simple C++ wrapper of zmq::poll

Matt Weinstein matt_weinstein at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 26 23:51:27 CEST 2010


First off, thank you for building your wrapper.

Have you been looking at my poll_items branch?  I frankly am a git  
newbie and have been so busy I haven't read up on how to squash master  
with this branch (or fast forward, or...)  I just made it the default.  
But I will commit this to master RSN.

On Aug 26, 2010, at 12:30 AM, Radu Braniste wrote:

> Hi Martin,
> Compared to Matt’s reactor the wrapper is:
> 0: a reactorJ
> 1: 100% C++ with different ways of expressing the event handlers  
> (not a choice for people looking for plain C)
I wrote mine in C figuring it might be compatible with other language  
ports, and operates at the same level as the zeromq library.

It's actually relatively easy to wrap this into a class, but the re- 
use is in the methods, rather than in attached objects right now.   
That can be handled with some forwarding.
> 2: Smaller & internal simpler
Yes, I probably should make mine simpler, I originally built chains of  
objects, then I moved back to arrays.
> 3: Allows full access at every step of polling   - user can  
> manipulate directly & dynamically state and/or event handlers (add/ 
> remove/change)

I found this doesn't happen often enough in a real-world scenario to  
require it from poll to poll, and the data structure was too balky.  I  
simplified it by allowing any reactor to cause the poll to return with  
a status code of its choosing, and the wrapper around it can then call  
with an updated poll vector (literally I'm using stl::vector).
> 4: Doesn’t offer any predefined “operations” that might make life  
> easier for the user in some scenarios – but they can be easily  
> cooked and reused
I tried for a simple "microcode" after having built complex policies.  
Probably the next approach should be a policy that operates on some  
additional data in the vector, and let it make the switching  
decisions.  The current "policy" would then just snap on, as e.g.  
zmq_reactor_poll_policy(.... microcode_policy).
> PS: I’ve just added to the documentation a short how-to note about  
> adding/removing dynamically event handlers as well as an example  
> describing this feature (server3.cpp)
Yeah IOU a lot of app notes. :-)
> Radu
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