[zeromq-dev] NEWS: Git 'master' is now 2.1.x development

Martin Lucina mato at kotelna.sk
Wed Aug 25 16:08:59 CEST 2010

Hi all,

with the release of 0MQ 2.0.8, the Git 'master' branch has been tentatively
labeled as 0MQ 2.1.0.

We will announce a more detailed roadmap for 2.1.x shortly, in the mean
time here's a quick list for those of you who have not been following the
changes on the 'wip-shutdown' topic branch and/or sustrik's zeromq2
repository of the changes that have now gone into 'master':

 - ZMQ_EVENTS and ZMQ_FD socket options allow integration of 0MQ sockets
   into existing poll () loops.

 - Sockets may now be migrated between OS threads; sockets may not be used
   by more than one thread at any time. To migrate a socket to another
   thread the caller must ensure that a full memory barrier is called
   before using the socket from the target thread. This feature is intended
   mainly for the use of language bindings which migrate sockets between
   threads, for example Erlang.

 - The new zmq_close() semantics should implement the behaviour discussed


   Specifically, zmq_close() is now deterministic and while it still returns
   immediately, it does not discard any data that may still be queued for
   sending. Further, zmq_term() will now block until all outstanding data has
   been sent.

The dependencies for the above are a fairly large infrastructure rewrite,
so we expect that 'master' is quite buggy now, please test and report
issues making it clear that those are related to 2.1.x and not 2.0.x.

As per the policy discussions earlier, the plan is that 2.1.x will remain
compatible with 2.0.x at the API level.



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