[zeromq-dev] Minor update to zmq_reactor

Matt Weinstein mattweinstein at gmail.com
Wed Aug 25 14:59:55 CEST 2010


On branch poll_items:

- Updated zmq_reactor_uuid to use a more standard uuid generator.
- Fixed missing endlines, #endifs etc.

No new functionality.

zmq_reactor is being staged into production for a client, it's very  
useful.  The nice part is you can write a class that looks like this:

	class reactor_io {

		shared state;

		int reactor_inbound( ... ) {
			do something
			has access to shared state;

		int reactor_outbound( ... ) {
			do something
			has access to shared state;


		int poll()
			setup the reactors[]
			do the zmq_reactor_poll() here
			return poll result

Essentially, you wrap the whole reactor framework (=device) in a  
single class.

I used a template<> static binding function to remove the muss and  
fuss there.

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