[zeromq-dev] Devices and config files

gonzalo diethelm gdiethelm at dcv.cl
Mon Aug 23 18:18:05 CEST 2010

> Sure.  The ZDCF spec I threw together doesn't restrict you to any
> number of sockets, it just defines a (pretty obvious) syntax for
> configuring them.

I have a couple of comments about the documentation for ZDCF; there is
no talk page, so I am posting them here:

1. You say "Conceptually, one ZDCF file maps to one process, consisting
of a single context and zero or more device threads", but there is no
reason why this has to be the case. I am planning to use ZDCF (or
something similar) to configure ALL processes in my architecture from a
single file; each process will have a name, identifying the device I
must build for that particular process.

2. Where you say "specifies zero or more addresses to connect the socket
to", I would use "zero or more endpoints" to be consistent.

3. What is the plan for binary values? These could apply for identity
and subscribe.

4. mcast_loop should be a boolean, not an integer.

Gonzalo Diethelm

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