[zeromq-dev] Vulnerability of devices to incoming messages

Martin Sustrik sustrik at moloch.sk
Sat Aug 14 01:24:04 CEST 2010

Hi Brian,

> In my mind, a device is a particular send/recv pattern.  Those 
> send/recv patterns are independent of the socket types.  As long as 
> you use socket types that support the send/recv pattern, it should 
> work.  Locking devices to socket types will mean we have to implement 
> lots of different devices that do the same exactly send/recv pattern. 
>  I don't think that makes sense.

I was always thinking of devices in the same terms as Jon (i.e. device 
is bound to particular messaging pattern). Your idea of device send/recv 
patterns being orthogonal to messaging patterns sounds interesting and 
never occured to me. Can you give some examples?


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