[zeromq-dev] 0MQ User Guide

Oliver Smith oliver at kfs.org
Thu Aug 12 18:43:38 CEST 2010

On 8/12/2010 2:47 AM, Mark V wrote:
> Good point.  Maybe the code examples from the main text can
> (eventually) be reproduced in an Examples sub-section for each
> language.
> This suggests systematic labeling each of code examples in the main
> text body.  Maybe beneath each code box
>    <language>  example<n>: Some description
> This way people can easily find the example in their language of
> interest.  E.g. by searching for 'Ruby example 4', or maybe just
> bookmarks can be added as examples are contributed.
Factor in that people will wind up in the user's guide in their path to 
discovering 0MQ, and Python (Lua, Perl) can be a huge turn off for some 
people. More often than not, the ease of use of a library/utility from 
scripting environments translates to a PITA for folks working in 
C/C++/C#/Java etc. My total Python time prior to ZeroMQ is less than the 
time I've spent writing this email so far.

It's not a priority, by any means, but if you could factor into the 
design a concept of having multiple language implementations of most 
examples, and using some HTML cleverness to show only those the reader 
is interested in...

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