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Well, we have a language binding (wrapper) for COBOL and other high-level langauges with 0MQ V2, so hopefully it will not be difficult to adapt that to the work currently taking place. 

Since COBOL does not allow reentrancy, i.e., multi-threaded code, 0MQ is just the thing to use as it facilitates the exchange of data without sharing it in memory structures. 

There are COBOL and FORTRAN versions of the performance programs shipped with 0MQ (local_lat, remote_lat etc.).

I have no desire to document "sockets" in COBOL, but will have a crack at 0MQ in COBOL, subtle difference, I hope!

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> COBOL would be my suggestion as the language of choice with PL/I coming in a close second! I volunteer to help out with both as time and inclination permit!
> Sockets in COBOL? Hmm, why on earth not!

We are allowed to use "Cobol" aren't we?  I'd welcome examples in Cobol for the languages section.  If you seriously want to document 0MQ sockets in Cobol, the right place is a language binding page on the web site.



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