[zeromq-dev] 0MQ to the rescue

gonzalo diethelm gdiethelm at dcv.cl
Tue Aug 10 19:33:16 CEST 2010

> > > COBOL on AIX... <eyes glaze over, PTSD kicks in>...
> >
> > Oops. Sorry about that; I am stuck with this POS.
> Oh, not that, just that in the 80's I must have written half a million
> lines of Cobol.

Poor you.

> So you want a reliable pipeline.  What are your reasons for not using
> xreq/xrep and adding retry on top of that?

What would I gain from xreq/xrep, that could not be done with push/pull?
Mind you, I have not yet used xreq/xrep, so my question is out of sheer

Would I still be able to (eventually) have many processors and a
streamer to do load balancing?

Gonzalo Diethelm

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