[zeromq-dev] OOB abort of previously sent msgs?

Matt Weinstein mattweinstein at gmail.com
Tue Aug 10 02:30:45 CEST 2010


Here's a pattern I run into a lot:

-- connect to a bunch of server threads via a ZMQ_REQ
-- assemble some data and send a bunch of SNDMORE packets
-- discover an error late in the sequence
-- look for the abort switch (but can't find it)

The current solution is to build a chain of zmq msgs, then when  
everything is good, I send it.  Not quite what I want.

I could add an "abort this sequence" end packet, but then the server  
would have to assemble its packets ahead of time and look for that.

What I'd prefer is a zmq_abort(socket) that kills the most recent  
train of packets, as long as a SNDMORE == 0 packet has not been sent.   
These are likely to be sitting in a ypipe somewhere along the chain.

Perhaps it should be called zmq_sendless()? :-)

Reactions welcome,



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