[zeromq-dev] zeromq & pylons

eric eric at ericjbell.com
Wed Aug 4 18:45:18 CEST 2010


The Job Server is what I'm aiming for. In my posting I used the term 
"Job Controller"; I didn't mean Controller in the MVC sense but in the 
Job Server sense as you have used it.

My focus right now is how Pylons communicates with the Job Server. I 
haven't started thinking about how the Job Server communicates with the 

In the Pylons handler, I think at this point I will simply build the REQ 
socket each time the handler is called/activated to process a request, 
and I will have a single Job Server. This is the simplest and most 
foolproof method to deal with threading issues. I can focus the bulk of 
my learning efforts on dealing with multiple workers.

I actually do need to deliver something to my client, and there's so 
much to think about and learn ... I have to pace myself!

Thanks again for your help.


Nicholas Piël wrote:
>  * Using a Job server:  
>          Pylons --[REQ]--> JobServer
>                            JobServer --[PUSH+PULL]--> Workers
>                            JobServer <--[PUSH+PULL]-- Worker
>          Pylons <--[REP]-- JobServer
>    A more practical approach can be to just use an intermediate 
>    server to which both the Pylons threads and the Workers connect to. 
>    The JobServer simply forwards incoming requests to workers, collects 
>    the result and sends the reply back to the client. When using such a 
>    combination of REQ/REP and PUSH/PULL in your JobServer you can even 
>    use multiple JobServers for redundancy as REQ/REP can roundrobin your 
>    requests. 

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