[zeromq-dev] Updated zmq_reactor

Matt Weinstein mattweinstein at gmail.com
Tue Aug 3 16:32:29 CEST 2010


The git repo at git://github.com/mjw9100/zmq_reactor.git has been  
updated, I believe to the point of usability.

A basic set of opcodes for reactors replaced the "policy" model, which  
was crufty.

You can now set ops for each member of a chain, so you can do things  
like "priority polling" (always poll sockets in order), "trailing  
polling" (where you can check the status of sockets further down the  
line before going back to the main poll), force certain callbacks for  
every successful poll(), etc.

The code probably could use a little more thought, and the opcodes are  
still flexible. If you want to suggest a better set of ops, updates,  
etc., just let me know..




PS Since I'm completely unfamiliar with current conventions for  
building small libraries like this, pointers or suggestions are  
welcome.  (I'm presuming auto-something is involved? :-) )

PPS Are these announcements necessary? There's apparently a "follow"  
function on github...

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