[zeromq-dev] Very Small Messages/Manual

Martin Sustrik sustrik at 250bpm.com
Mon Aug 2 09:36:23 CEST 2010

Ben Kloosterman wrote:
>  >/me wants the functionality in the kernel, exposed via BSD sockets.
>  >
>  >It would then be automatically accessible from *any* language, without a
>  >need for a particular language binding.
>  >
>  >Any deviation from POSIX would break it.
> You can add options without breaking it ...

You would have to speak to Ulrich Drepper to add the new functions to 
glibc. You would have to speak to Oracle to add them to Java, you would 
have to convince Miguel de Icaza to add the new functions to Mono, thus 
breaking the API compatibility with Windows. You would have to add them 
to each single language and each single intermediary layer between 
kernel space and user space on each operating system.

It's not completely impossible, but it's a pretty good argument to stick 
to standard POSIX API IMO.


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