[zeromq-dev] Zmq_queue problem on windows

Jon Dyte jon at totient.co.uk
Fri Apr 23 07:38:58 CEST 2010

Zhou, Kefei Dan wrote:
> Jon,
> Ok that makes sense. I am seeing a binary header and follow by the message.
> Is there a version/release where the zmq_queue was fully working?
> Thanks,
> dan
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Not a present. If you use 2.0.6, you will have to manually strip out the 
address, as described in the
process implementing the ZMQ_REP socket. This does work though. I do not 
use the zmq_queue executable
but use the queue class to feed inprocess threads to do the work.

In the master branch devices are now available via an api, so you can 
use them intra-process as well, but
all these api's are experimental and may change. Recently multi-part 
messages have been added
and these will now be used to implement multi-hop request/response as 
far as I understand. But the multi-hop
additions currently broke the xreq/xrep.

Martin Sustrik may be able to give a better timeframe for this work.

WRT to the standalone devices, I currently have a branch which has 
turned these into a single binary executable
and you can specify multiple devices within the same process via the 
config file. It needs some tidying up
but I hope to submit the patch in the near future.


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