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Bhavin Turakhia bhavin.t at directi.com
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I have been thinking about some basic pubsub modeling on top of ZeroMQ. The
one area which requires some thoughts is permissioning. In a typical pubsub
environment there is a list of subscribers maintained for a node. Only those
subscribers are permitted to connect and subscribe to the node


ZeroMQ obviously does not have this capability and thus it would need to be
layered above. I can think of the following models for the same -


* Proxy: The subscriber client establishes a socket connection to zero
through a proxy of sorts which checks whether the subscriber has the rights
to connect to this node and if not returns an error and does not let the
connection through


* Topic change: Keep changing the name of the topic in question to a random
guid. The subscriber must talk to an independent system first to fetch the
current name of this topic. The api that permits this is the one that checks
permissions of that subscriber. Once the subscriber has the topic name then
it can directly connect to the queue. Incase the permissions on the node
change, the topic name is changed again and all current subscribers are
disconnected forcing them to reconnect


Has anyone else thought of any other models?

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